SpoTube Beta

Make your own YouTube playlists


  • Integrated with LastFM
  • Add Spotify tracks
  • Good sharing options


  • Ugly website


SpoTube is a web app that queues up YouTube music videos into playlists ready for you to listen at your leisure.

The SpoTube signup process is fairly easy – the usual username and password, followed by a confirmation email. Don’t get too excited about the website design though – it’s ugly and a little buggy. It was hard to find what we were looking for at first, and sometimes the site got stuck and needed a refresh.

There are various ways of searching for music to add to your playlists with SpoTube. You can use the search box to look for artist, song and album names on YouTube. When the results appear, you can preview them in a small YouTube player, or check the box to add them to a playlist. You can create as many playlists as you like. You can also add Spotify URLS, and SpoTube allows you to integrate account, if you have one.

SpoTube also has a radio function – you can choose from a variety of stations, and once you click an option, you’ll see lots of other tags you can choose from. Click any of them, or a playlist, and SpoTube will load your music – each of the videos will play one after the other. The actual video will also be displayed in a mini-player that you can pop out to a bigger version if you want.

If listening is your only priority, SpoTube is a good YouTube playlist app. Looking at it is pretty disappointing, though.


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